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Welcome to NicknGreg, a community dedicated to the total slashiness that is Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders from CSI.

Feel free to join--everyone's invited and we hope you feel welcome. We just ask that you follow a few common sense rules while you're here.

This is a slash community--that means romantic and/or sexual relationships between men. If you're uncomfortable with that, if you dislike the characters, dislike CSI, or hate fanfic, this is not the community for you.

We ask that you show respect to every member of this diverse community. We all have our own ideas, motivations and views, so please respect that. The mods take the issue of respect very seriously and won't tolerate members harassing or berating one another.

You're welcome to simply lurk here, but if you have an itch to write or draw and want to contribute something to the fandom, we highly encourage you to do so. Fanfic, fanart, icons, videos, headers, colorbars, desktop backgrounds, whatever you feel you want to contribute, it's more than welcome.

Posting Formats
Please put things behind a Lj-cut. If you're unsure of how to do that, read the FAQ. All stories must be behind a cut, excluding the header, as must all images over 400(width)x200(height) pixels--this includes cover art for your stories. Many people dislike their flists being clogged up with huge graphics at the top of every single story. Be considerate and put the graphics behind a cut.

Also, since many of our members read this community at school or work, we ask that you don't use any graphic icons when you post entries to the community. If you have a question about whether or not your icon is appropriate, feel free to ask one of the mods.

The header of your story should contain at least the following:


You don't need to warn for absolutely everything, but we do ask that you always warn in the case of non-consensual sex, child abuse, character death, and graphic violence. All other warnings are up to you.

We do allow stories of all ratings to be posted here, we simply ask that you label them clearly. Also, we trust that if you're too young to read one of the stories that falls in the R to NC-17 categories, if it's illegal to view it where you live, or if it's the sort of thing that would make you uncomfortable, that you'll take responsibility for yourself and simply not read it.

Tagging your post
Tags are a convenient tool to navigate through a journal when you're looking for a specific subject, category or member (or rating:). Here's how we like to keep tags clear and easy: only tag with your name and a rating*. Authors may add a title if the story is part of a series. Artists: name + artform and rating if applicable. No more.
This way people can easily brows through an author or artist's collection.
*There is no need to add CSI or Nick/Greg, that goes without saying. We recently added a 'fanfic' tag, but since fiction is the default in this community, there is no need to use it, since most posts are stories.

Beta Services
We know that sometimes it's hard to find a beta--you don't know who to ask or where to go to find someone to go over your story. But you are welcome to make a request post in this community. State in your header 'Beta request', then give a brief outline as to the type of beta service you require.


We do allow pimping of other communities here only if they are relevant. In other words, feel free to advertise your new CSI icon community, but please refrain from advertising about your new Jugglers United community.

Your mods are sillie82, slashxyouxup and beelikej. Please feel free to contact any one of us if you have questions or concerns.

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