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Nick/Greg challenge fic - Denim 3: Stained

Third and final chapter in the Denim "series"...this was supposed to be PG-13 fluff, but it's not. It's porn. Not that I'm complaining ;)

Title: Denim
Chapter: 3/3
Chapter Title: Stained
Challenge: 9 Clothing
Rating: NC-17 for more destroyedjeans!sex
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: Nick has a surprise for Greg when he gets home. Oh yeah.
A/N: Shamelessly inspired by a commercial XD

Denim 1: Destroyed
Denim 2: Dirty


Denim 3: Stained

He’d been planning this for a while. Not long after he had first seen Greg in those ripped, torn jeans, the gears in Nick’s head started turning, working on a surprise for Greg.

Greg won’t be home for another four hours, Nick kept telling himself as he rummaged through the closet, looking for a certain pair of jeans. He found them hiding behind a navy button-down. Nick took the denim off the hanger and laid them out on the bed, examining them. It was one of Greg’s favorite pairs – Nick knew that whenever he wore them, Greg usually didn’t last long before pulling Nick down onto the nearest flat surface and ripping them off.

They were old, a little faded and there was already a hole forming on the knee. The jeans fit Nick perfectly – Greg always said it made his cock even more obvious than usual.

Grabbing a pocket knife and a cheap Wal-Mart razor, Nick set to work…


Greg was tired. Downright exhausted as he collapsed on the couch, his eyes closed. He could hear Nick cooking dinner (or what they considered dinner) in the kitchen, but didn’t feel like getting up to see what he was preparing.

“If you’re gonna crash on the couch, don’t you want some company?”

Greg opened his eyes and lifted himself up. He didn’t believe what he was seeing.

Nick was leaning against the door frame, a smile playing across his face. “Cat got your tongue?” he laughed.

“Where’d you…where’d you get those?” Greg found it suddenly hard to form words.

“I made them.” Nick moved so he was standing in front of his boyfriend. “You like?”

Greg swallowed, reaching up to stroke one of the threadbare patches situated on Nick’s left pocket. “You…made them?”

“All you need is a pocket knife, a razor, maybe a paintbrush and some paint.” Nick leaned in close so he was less than an inch from Greg. “No need to blow a paycheck.”

He stepped back and turned around slowly so Greg could see the new-but-old jeans in their entirety. Nick had used the razor to shred patches in random places on the denim, and Greg could now see Nick’s skin through the hole on the left knee. Nick splattered drops of white paint along the sides and used the razor to fray the edges of the legs and back pockets. It was better-looking than any of the destroyed jeans Greg had seen in the stores.

“You’re right, Greg, these do make my cock look good.” Grinning, he leaned down and grabbed Greg’s hand, running it across his bulge. Greg groaned and ran his free hand across his own crotch.

“By the way,” Nick continued, “I’m not wearing anything underneath.”

“Ho…ly…shit…” Greg moaned.

He jumped up and tried to pull Nick in for a kiss but Nick playfully pushed him away. “Not yet.” When Greg whimpered, Nick smiled, stepped away, and slowly started rubbing himself through his jeans. “Go put yours on and we’ll have some fun while the steaks cook.”

Greg ran to the bedroom and quickly shucked his pants and boxers and rummaged in the closet for his own destroyed jeans (laughing to himself, Greg noticed they still had cum-stains on the leg from last time). He pulled the snug denim up – too snug for his now-fully-hard cock – and hurried back to the living room where Nick was waiting on the couch.

Nick had lost his shirt when Greg got there. He climbed on top of Nick, straddling his hips. Nick was already hard too; Greg could see the outline of his boner against his leg. They kissed on the lips, tongues battling, hands sliding across muscles, denim-covered erections grinding. Greg hadn’t bothered to zip up his jeans so he ripped them open and started stroking his cock. Nick wrapped a hand around Greg’s cock and worked to get his own out.

Greg bucked his hips so his cock slid against Nick’s, electric friction making both men moan. Their frantic urge to get off was making the room hot. Sweat rolled down their backs and disappeared into their jeans; their hands were slippery as they stroked smooth, hard flesh.

Nick was moaning, whispering into Greg’s ear. “I love you baby, let’s never stop, I love feeling your cock on mine.” Greg groaned as he heard these words and thrust faster as their erections collided and moved together. Each had a hand around the other’s cock, stroking, bucking in unison until they came powerfully, streaking their stomachs in cum.

Greg stood up, taking his jeans off and wiping up the mess, and then he helped Nick take his off too. Naked, they settled in each other’s arms and fell into a deep sleep.

Dinner ended up being a disaster, but they didn’t mind.
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