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Title: Perfect, Part Two
R for language
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I am making no money. Seriously, I don't even have a job now that my 'internship' is over, and even then I didn't get paid.
Summary: Sometimes secrets can destroy you, but only sometimes.
A/N: Sequel to Perfect, which was a response to the Telephone challenge. Written for those that asked for a sequel; I hope it lives up to your expectations. Oh, and just for reference, in Texas, there is such a thing as anti-sodomy laws.

Mmmm…. warm. Very warm. Smells great too… What is that cologne? Eh, never mind. It just smells amazing. I can’t get enough of it. I don’t want to get up, just want to stay here with-

Oh, no! Who the hell- Okay, that is not my arm. Not MY arm. Oh, shit! It’s not a girl’s arm either. That is most definitely a guy. A guy? What the hell was I thinking? In bed with a guy? At least I still have all my clothes on, so nothing bad could have happened.

Just take a deep breath, Nicky. Just breathe.

Calm down; work through this! It’s all going to be fine; nobody will know. Nobody has to ever find out; it’s probably someone I’ll never see again. That’s good. Focus on that and on getting out of here. Just relax and move away slowly. Roll off the bed so it doesn’t make as much noise. That’s it; nobody will ever know that I was here and everything will go back to the way it was and I’ll be normal.

Except that’s… Greg? Crap, Nicky, what did you do? What the hell did you do?

Think! Think! Where was I? What was I doing?

I remember I was at work and I was talking to Greg and he got a call and, oh shit, oh shit, I kissed him and… I kissed him and he smiled and I got into his car and… and I’m here.

And he knows. He’s going to tell everyone what a fucking faggot I am and I’ll get fired and then what the hell will I do? What will I do? I can’t go back to Texas and I won’t be able to find a job if I get fired and…

No, don’t think about that. Think about… shoes. Where are they? If I was Greg and Greg was me, where would I put his shoes? Well, if Greg was me, we wouldn’t even be having this problem because God knows that he’s smart enough to not do something as stupid as what I did! No, not going to think about that. Going to find my shoes.

There they are! Right next to you, idiot! Now the rest of my stuff… is on the night stand, apparently. There’s my cell phone and my wallet and… and my gun.

My gun. I could- Nobody would ever know then, would they? He could never tell anyone. It’s easy, just point and pull the trigger and-

No! No, I’m not a murderer. I’m not a criminal. I’m just a stupid faggot, and well, in Texas, that’s against the law anyway. Fucking another guy is illegal, remember?

“Nick? Nick, are you okay?”

But you’re not in Texas anymore. People here don’t care about stuff like that.

“I’m fine; how’re you?”

That has to be the stupidest thing you’ve said in your entire life, Nick! You just woke up in his bed and you’re acting like an idiot. He probably hates you now that he knows. He probably-

No, he smiled, remember? He kissed you back.

“Sleepy. Sure you don’t want to come back to bed? You still look worn out.”

Get a grip on yourself! He just means to sleep some more.

“Um, yeah, sure. How long have I been out for?”

It’s only nine, and so it can’t have been that long.

“Three hours, I think. Come on, there’s no way that you can get home as tired as you are, and your car’s still at the Lab.”

“About that, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to have to bring me here.”

There’s that smile again, the one that makes him look so amazing. God, why is he always smiling at me? I’d never be able to stop myself from doing anything for him if he smiled like that when he asked for it.

“No problem, you just fell asleep before I could get directions to your place. And, well, one of the legs on my couch broke the other day and-”

He looks so cute when he yawns.

“So go back to sleep.” He’s patting the bed right next to him, “I’ll drive you home in a few hours.”

“Yeah, sure.”

There’s nothing to be nervous about, Nicky. He’s inviting you; just stop being an idiot and get into bed with him!

Mmm, he is warm, and that’s his cologne I smelled earlier. I kind of like the arm thing, too; I could get used to it, and god, when I lean into him, it feels so… Maybe I could…

Oh, yes, he is a very good kisser.
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