chance (michaelchance) wrote in nickngreg,

Chanace's Archive/CSI Slash

A quick note in case anyone checks here see what is happening with Chance's Archive. Due to medical issues and bills I can't afford to pay the domain renewal which is due on the 30th of May 2019, but will be able to pay it on the 11th of June when a Amazon check has cleared for me. It should take up to two to three days to get up and running again after I have paid it so the site should be back up and running in two weeks time - by Friday the 14th at the very latest if I need to actually doing and by the 12th at the earliest if it's 100% automatic...

I am so sorry about this, I had to choose between the paying the domain or the hosting fees and this seemed the lesser of the two evils...
Tags: archives
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