chance (michaelchance) wrote in nickngreg,

URL warning for Chance's Archive

A lot of this is a combination of being my fault, medical issues, and horrible timing. I have paid the hosting fees for Chance's Archive, but can't afford to pay for the url for another year until the current check I have from clears in just under two weeks time. As the url is due to be paid by the end of this month, this does mean that the url won't be working for that time sorry. The site itself is going to be fine, as I decided that the hosting fees were more important under these circumstances I just can't afford the url right now on top of the hosting fees.

I will post another update on Updates Blog and will post on places like this journal when I have the url actually paid for and sorted out again. I am so sorry about this and I feel horrifingly awful about this :(
Tags: archives
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