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Whooooo are you, oo-oo, oo-oo...

Hello everybody,

To give everyone a chance to get to know their fellow Nick/Greg fans, we've moved this original introduction post (started in april 2009!) to the top of our community as a sticky:) Feel free to tell us about yourself and your love for our favorite CSI-guys. Below you'll find examples of questions you could answer, or just leave a smile to show us you are -still- around.

What's your name/age/gender/location?
How long have you been around in Nick/Greg fandom?
What do you do: read, write, lurk, design, make videos, something else?
Do you check the community regularly?
What seasons of CSI have you seen? Do you watch it in another language?
When did you first notice the chemistry between Nick & Greg
and do you think it's still there?
(Please refrain from spoilers for the current season, since not everyone is up to date yet! Be cryptic if you need to use examples;)
Do you have a favorite: Lab!Greg, Oblivious!Nick, Brunet!Greg, Bald!Nick, Serious!Greg, Emo!Nick, etcetera, etcetera...?

Anything else you want to share?

We're looking forward to getting to know you better;)
Let's keep the Nick/Greg Love alive!

The mods
Tags: mod, whoooo are you
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