Kou_Hikaru (kou_hikaru) wrote in nickngreg,


Sorry guys, I'm new, and not used to LJ. (Made a bit of a boo-boo on the first post. *sweatdrop*) Anyways, I have quick request under the cut, for anyone interested. Also, I expect to be working a lot with manipulations for this community in the future, so please, wish me luck!

In the scene at the end, in the diner, Warrick assumed that Nick had been looking at the waitress. Looking at the angle of Nick's eyes, it wasn't so. He was gazing at none other than good ol' Greg, as shown here, at 2:29. The request is, could anyone of you talented fic writers do a little ditty about one of the team noticing? Possibly stretching up to and/or past Warrick's death, showing the visible effect from that person's view?
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